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    I'm looking for a good source for specific area maps, say 40-50 square miles, on a map about 15"x15". I have a military map holder, that I want to put one in, covering my work to home area, NW Portland to Newberg, OR. I want to mark each viable route, so I have other possible ways home if one way is blocked in a disastrous time. Any ideas?
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    15 x 15 inches for 31 mile route
    Four counties
    over/under passes
    Rivers and streams
    Utilities (north south high pressure petroleum pipeline)
    More like a book of maps start here or raid the nearest AAA map kiosk

    biggest SHTF might be THE BIG earthquake.

    I planned for such an event for our crew a few years ago.
    Go to ground (the nearest shelter)
    Each carried:
    1 gallon jug distilled water
    Six MREs
    In a 1 cubic foot cardboard box

    Could hide 3+ days till things begin to settle down

    One argued for compasses, maps etc. I said the plan was for everyone to go to the nearest regen hut and hide. That way when we started to look for you, we could expect to find your dessicated mummy there.
    Within a year out of 12 kits, two hadn't been eaten for snacks (my two).
    They deserve to go hungry n thirsty.
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    USGS store in Portland

    Call (503) 808-6008 for prices and availability, or visit us at 1220 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon.
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    I know it's not quite what you're looking for but if your a AAA member check them out for free state and city maps. Also maps for each county and game management unit can be found fairly easily at reasonable prices.
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    Don't know if they still do it, but the Oregon State Police gave out free road maps of Oregon. They were the best, very detailed!
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    I have some of the Pittman maps in my GHB and vehicle. I have picked them up at garage sales over the last several years, and bought some at stores I also have a couple of topo maps as well. My home county and 4 adjoining counties.

    I also kept all my old Thomas Bros maps local and regional that I used over the last 20 years in my work. There are some changes in those, but mostly in newer developed urban areas, which I will not be in anyway.

    My career put me on a lot of secondary roads in Oregon, Washington, Northern Commifornia, and Western Idaho. I used to drive back roads looking for classic / muscle cars and places to fish and shoot after work and that experience is very useful, I seldom need a map to navigate.
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    I usually print the ones I want from, cut, tape and laminate them (myself). If you want a pre-made map, I'd suggest going to an REI store and looking for the map you want.
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    I use big game hunting maps. Sportco carries them. Zoned by county and rec area.

    They clearly show municipal and private property boundary lines. Good to know when bush-whacking.
    I like the scale.
    I think they're a 1/4 mile grid unlike the zoomed out 1 mile grid Greentrail maps have.
    Topo and trail detail are quite good.
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    REI is too pricey for my taste, especially with regards to maps. I go there and keep my wallet in my pants. The only time I will buy something from them is when it's on clearance.

    Download from USGS. Print them out. If you know anyone with a large scale plotter, they can print out for you in the size you want. I got lucky with some hunting maps and had a buddy print them out on mylar with water proof ink. Doesn't fold worth shizzle, but rolls up nicely and is waterproof.

    Now I have a hardened, waterproof 2nd hand tablet loaded with USGS topos and Shooter. Before you know it, someone will release a program that will take the GPS on your tablet/hand-held, link it to your GPS signal and locate you on your topo map. If I understand correctly, Garmin has such an app linked to their maps.
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    That could be very handy but I worry about any electronic being turned against me BTW surplus map cases are quite cheap and very handy

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