I’ve had a few interactions with manufacturers recently where they exceeded my level of expectation for customer service. I know everyone has different experiences, but this month my two A+ manufacturers are:

Mesa Tactical

Aero Precision

Both provided free parts that I had lost, even when I said I was looking to buy the replacement parts. That really impressed me.

What positive experiences have you had with manufacturers in this industry?
Ruger! I’ve only had to deal with them a few times in the last 25 years but they always come through. Often at no charge! One time I sent them a 1022 receiver that I wanted refinished. It had been basically abused its entire life and showed it. They refinished it and sent it back for free! Customer for life.
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Streamlight (replaced a WML, no questions asked, probably my fault it broke, got a replacement within 2 weeks)
Colt (answered questions I had about one of my new Python's rear sights, resolved over the phone by a very knowledgeable guy)
Taurus (bought one for a daughter, slight cosmetic issue, company made right within 10 days)
Springfield Armory (replaced some factory night sights within two weeks)

Not a manufacturer, but Midway (replacements for order not received, on my doorstep within five days, UPS screw-up)
Crimson Trace - purchased a set of laser grips for a Sig M11 off eBay. Wouldn’t ya know, they didn’t work. Replaced the batteries and nada. I let the seller know they sold me a non-functioning product and left appropriate feedback.

Then I called Crimson Trace customer service, said I had just purchased these grips off the internet and they didn’t work. I was briefly put on hold, the CSR came back confirming availability, took my name and address, sent out a brand new pair and an RMA for the non-functioning pair.

Can’t ask for better customer service than that. And of course, they have functioned flawlessly…

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