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So many people on KOMO are commenting on why that is the reason they never carry it with one in the chamber or asking why he was carrying at Lowes, was the lumber going to attack him... gotta love incompetence.
Depending on how accurate the report is it appears that the goober was not using a holster but just his waistband. Maybe now he'll use a holster that covers the trigger and trigger-guard COMPLETELY.

Sorry for the mental image fellas but how does a person shoot himself in both testicles, the leg and the foot? He must of really had 'brass ones' in order to achieve the change in trajectory required:D
No holster + Baggy pants = Self inflicted nut shot.

Ouch............... But Funny.

I actually met a guy at the gunshow, when I was selling 1911 holsters, and he voluntarily went off on a story about how he shot his nut off, because he was carrying "gangster style" with no holster. He tried to pull down his pants to show everybody, but we all said "No, no" I believe you. And he wandered off. Wonder if this new guy might be related....???
Well this is a case of an accidental shooting that may keep him from accidentally shooting for the rest of his life.

New nicknames for him:
Hair Trigger
Hop Along

Any more out there? :s0114:
Fortunatlely his stupidity won't be passed down through the gene pool. To hit both at the same time it must have been a very small target and close together... had to be a liberal:s0112::s0112::s0112:

Wow, after reading this I don't feel so bad about ordering a crossbreed supertuck this week. A crossbreed may be a little expensive for a holster, but it beats a no breed accidental discharge. Prime example of when keeping it real goes wrong!

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