Man Fends off Robbers Four Different Times

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Graffin, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Interesting video, and while I know it's old, it still raises some interesting questions.

    I think the guy is absolutely within his rights to defend himself against an armed robber with a gun in his face. I just had to think twice about the second incident he describes, the one where there were several customers in his store and he got into a shootout.

    Would you be so quick to open fire with unarmed customers nearby? I also wonder about shooting toward the glass front of the store, where there is clearly no appropriate backstop.

    Obviously, BGs don't worry about these things, but we have to. What do you guys think?

    This guy's a hero, obviously, and it's not my intention to say he shouldn't do what he did. I just thought it might be an interesting chance to discuss tactics and planning, etc...
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    I didn't realize how dangerous the life of a watch repair man can be!

    On the tactics side, if a shop presence is necessary, I'd strongly consider concentrating on floor plan:

    * Man trap entry/exit with reinforced containment
    * Reinforced barrier walls between work areas and common customer areas
    * Surveillance cameras for watching movement while behind cover
    * Forced isolation by channeling walk areas to talk with the staff (narrow your range of fire)

    On the gadget side:

    * High intensity lights and flashes surrounding & directed towards customer areas.
    * Large air horns surrounding & directed towards customer areas.
    * 12ga shotguns aligned to be shot from mount through the wall (planned hole in reinforcement) with panic button trigger and appropriate safeties.
    * Remotely triggered taser racks on the perimeter of probable engagement areas.
    * Custom shop apron / vest / clothes with light reinforcement and integrated holstered S&W Airweight.

    Those are my naive amateur hour thoughts.
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    You can armchair quarterback these situations to death but if someone is coming at you with a MAC10 and an auto pistol I doubt you have much of an opportunity to evaluate your backstop.

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