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making wooden stock into birds head

Didn’t look at your profile, but it’d help to know what area you’re in to help you narrow down a competent person to do this for you. ;)
Piece of cake with a scroll saw and radius file. Look around for a fussy woodworker in your area to stay on the cheap. ;)
So, are you inferring there are only concrete and brick masons? Only steel workers?
Ideally, remove the stock. Put the stock on the miter saw and chop it for length. Then shape it on the belt/drum sander, and radius the edges. Refinish?
The barrel makes it longer than 26".Where do I get a new shorter threaded bolt? From a hardware store.Do i use a dowel to plug the screw hole?Do I counter sink the hole for the hex head?

With your apparent NFA knowledge, you already seem to know what needs to be done, as most of your questions already contain the answers, with most of them preceded by “Do I”..... o_O
Hello all.I don't have the proper tools to cut new threads for the shorter bolt.I don't have a scroll saw or trust myself with a saw. ccgunstocks no longer makes them.Do any of you know anyone that could take pity on me and make it for me.I will pay.Please someone please make my dream come true.Does anyone have a big set of balos enough and can take on my project?So far the carpenters that I know who brag about how good they are run away little babies.


Best thread in a while. Lol.

Guy from New York looking to pay folks from Oregon to perform work on a possible illegal firearm.

Consider me subscribed.

I’m interested in seeing where this one goes.

As long as the overall length stays over 26" and the barrel(s) over 18", he would be fine as far as the Feds are concerned. Anything less than that on either and it is an unregistered SBS. In Oregon, as with most states, one can file a Form 1, pay the tax, and after approval, legally build a SBS.

I have no idea how the state of New York would see such a configuration though; either the Title I type OP is talking about or a papered Title II item. That would be something to check out.

Regarding a gunsmith to this kind of custom work, you might reach out to Paladin Armory. Cheers.
Not to hijack the thread, but I was thinking of doing something similar to an old Stevens 311A I just got recently. Currently has 30" barrels, as I don't hunt or trap shoot, I have no use for anything that long. Snagged it with the intention of cutting it down to around 20", but was just wondering today about the legality of chopping the other end, too. So does anyone know just how the law reads? Disregarding the loop holes that allow the Shockwave, as I understand it, barrel(s) must be no shorter than 18" (18 1/4?), and overall must be no less than 26". Are there restrictions on the grip profile, i.e. birds head okay, but pistol grip a no-no? Unlike the OP, I have no issues with doing the work, I have a well equipped shop and am a pretty fair amateur machinist, as well as an experienced wood worker. My major issue is being chronically short of time, seems the honey-do's always out priority the want to do's :rolleyes:. Later.




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