Make your own Holster?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Otis, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Otis

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    Just curious if anyone out there has made their own holster. One of my biggest complaints is that I can never seam to find a good shop out there that had a decent selection in holsters for the particular gun I happen to have. Is seams that if you don’t have a Glock then you are out of luck in any sort of selection. You are then stuck with an uncle mikes or some other pos holster.

    I have just made my first order for materials. I went to the Tandy leather factory off airport way and got a belly hide and I also have some Kydex coming in the mail from the Knife Kit.

    I have several ideas of what I want to do but would love to hear or preferably SEE what some of you have come up with.

    All the materials so far have been relatively inexpensive. Less than the cost of one quality leather holster and I have enough material to make, or try to make several holsters both kydex and leather.

    Post pictures please if you have them. Ill post mine once i get into it.

  2. Hotwheelz

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    I have been messing around with leather for 9yrs or so I have made alot of holsters, knife sheaths, slap jacks and alot of other stuff by no means an expert but I have made alot of stuff.

    First things first here always make patterns first I use beer or soda boxs for patterns even if you cut to much off just use some tape and put a little more back keep modifying this until your satisfied. I cannot stress how important that first step is unless you have $$$ to burn leather is getting more and more expensive.

    Second: dont expect it to turn out like the ones you see behind the counter at your local gun shop. It will look better and be more useful b/c you taylored it to fit your needs.

    Third: You dont need much other than a sharp razor blade, a sharp " AL" { most people use them to dimple metal items} use this to punch your stitching holes , a stong needle , good thread I use imitation sinu , or wax thread when stitching but it must be heavy and strong.

    4th it takes some time but keep at it ....

    Send me a PM if you run into any problems Im sure we could trade phone #'s and I could help you a little

    Here are some holsters most of them are my first's and a couple arm bracers

    here is a slap jack easy to make just need a little lead flashing to go in the head of it they work great.

    here is my arrow quiver

    and a close up of the stitching I allways do my stiching by hand and I like to show it off once in awhile
  3. Deavis

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    I am not one to quash DIY - but I dont think I can make a holster that would stand up to what I need like someone who does it for a living. I use Nelson Leather Co in Scio Oregon, and Hanson Leather in Lincoln city..... both are family owned and NW operated. If you tell tham what you want they will make it to order and it is not a lot of money. For example: Browning Buckmark with a gemtech suppressor, in a thumb break... you pretty much need custom there. I also have a buddy who does Kydex.... pm me if you need a kydex connection.
  4. Otis

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    What really got me thinking I can in fact do this were the cross breed holsters. If you look at them all they are is a slab of leather with some kydex formed around your gun and riveted to the leather. How hard could it be? (famous last words, I know;)) Especially when they charge you $60 for it. The kydex is around $5 for a 12 x 12 square sheet and you can get a piece of scrap leather for about the same. I am betting I can get two holsters from that amount of material. Two for $10 or one for $60. I had to try it was kind of a no brainer.

    I do realize that this can very well be harder than it looks but I am up for the challenge. I will gladly post pics and let you know how hard it really is. :thumbup:
  5. BUZO71

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    I'd be interested to see how that turns out!
  6. SgtKashim

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    Hm... I never was much in to leather, but I did make a holster for airsoft out of duct tape a few years back. I started with a paper wrapped around the gun, and worked my way up from there. It lasted almost a year before it fell apart, so I was pretty pleased with it. It was a thigh-level tactical style thing - belt loop and leg straps. The strap is held in place with velcro.
  7. armedandsafe

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    I make my own IWB holsters out of boot tops. I just finished one in November, because the one I made in 1992 wore out.

    The hardest part is finding the metal J clips for the belt. I reused the one from the worn out holster, rather than resort to a plastic one.




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