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    I like to browse NWF, learn something new and different,
    share what I know about guns and fieldcraft.
    Get the warm fuzzies when someone gives me a "like".
    :eek: Just saw a new thread, "dog poops on airliner"
    A partial pressure moment, vacuum, sucked.
    How does one recover from that?
    I admire a lot of folks, among the top of the marble pedestal are special forces folks.
    Crowding the tippy top, SEALs.
    A good friend of mine, Jay Suhaka, originally from Norristown NJ. Always focused, cheerful, great man.
    Died before I expected he would. Successfully graduated BUD/S UDT. Then off to Vietnam.
    He and his class swam the Mekong, mining charlie boats and their floating island forts, and other stuff.
    13 months later, Jay and one other guy were left to return home.
    Another SEAL made the news, gave a commencement speech to the UT grad class of 2014.
    I read his transcript, and feel much more better now.
    Time to hit the rack.:)
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