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Mak 90 Sporter?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by coosbaycreep, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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    I bought this at a garage sale this morning, and wanted to find out some info about it.

    I remember seeing them in magazines as a kid and thinking they looked cool because of the unusual stock design, but I don't remember any that came with a synthetic stock. There's no markings on the stock, but I figured it was probably just an aftermarket stock from ATI or someone. Does anyone know if this the original stock or aftermarket?

    How about the muzzle break/flash hider? It looks aftermarket too, but there's no markings on it either.

    It came with some SKS mags, which is odd, because it takes AK mags, but does the rest of the stuff interchange with regular AKs, like stocks, triggers, etc?

    How does the accuracy/reliability/build quality of this compare to the romanian AKs?

  2. parallax

    parallax eugene, or-gun Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    wow,, looks alot like the one i sold a guy in roseburg to about 10 years ago. i think he paid me 250.00 for it. if tis the same one,, i bought it new with wood furniture, then the big bulky thumbhole stock, cracked and i replaced it with the plastic furniture.the one i had did not have a flashhider or muzzle break, just a straight barrel. i remember shooting the one i had at 400 yards and the m.o.a. was about 8 feet. hee,hee, but it was still a hoot to shoot. and never jammed.
  3. Andy

    Andy Aurora, OR Active Member

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    Wish I could find garage sales like that. Had one years ago in .223rem with the wood stock parallax was talking about. Ended up taking a file to it and making finger groovers. Big improvement.

    Was a lot of fun, but not the most accurate. You get what you pay for though.
  4. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    Nice garage sale find. I haven't seen a gun at a garage sale in years here in Portland.
  5. ZachS

    ZachS Eugene/PDX Active Member

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    I saw an old pump shotgun at one in a shady apartment complex in SE just last year.
  6. candyman

    candyman Scappoose, OR Active Member

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    the stock and flash hider are both aftermarket

    this it basicly just a chicom ak that they added a butthole stock to so it was legal
  7. Thule

    Thule Monroe, WA Member

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    Looks like you got a late PolyTech model with a Choate stock. As Candyman mentioned, the flash hider is likely aftermarket.

    To read more about MAK 90’s, check out this site: http://www.mouseguns.com/mak90web/mak90.htm Lots of good info here and it talks a little bit about the stock on your gun.

    If you decide to go change anything on the rifle, pay particular attention to this:
    MAK 90's are legal because of the configuration that they came in. If you start messing with it , you need to go all the way and make it 922r compliant.
  8. coosbaycreep

    coosbaycreep 9 miles South of Roseburg Active Member

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    thanks for the info

    I put 40 rounds through it yesterday with no jams, and it seems at least as accurate as my romanian is, but I won't know for sure till I take both of them out at the same time (on a day when it's not raining and cold like it was yesterday) and run some more ammo through them.

    This one is actually a lot more comfortable for me than my other one with the kvar stock, and the trigger is better, so I'm pretty happy with it.

    I'll check into how many more parts it might need to make it 922r compliant as well.
  9. ktd

    ktd nw Member

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    The stock is actually an ATI Fiberforce, the Choate has the bottom of the grip flush with the lower arm of the stock. Either way much better than the MAK stock. I am not aware that they were ever set up that way by the factory or importer, but it was a popular mod because the Fiberforce is a good product and not very expensive. I bought the NHM because it had a better (though still crappy) wood thumbhole. MAK's and NHM's were Norinco rather than Polytech products.

    The thumbhole you have now is legal for 922r as far as I can tell, it mostly matters if you want the authentic AK config. If you do want to change it out, TAPCO has compliance parts. Though as usual, check the legalities for yourself. Myself I find the Fiberforce a much better shooting stock.

    Are you sure they are SKS mags? Do they fit in the gun? The usual SKS extended mag has a huge wedge on the top to fill the space at the front. Maybe you have an AKS mag (AKS is one of the import names for a semi auto AK).

    That flashhider is one I have not seen before, it looks like it press fits over the muzzle.

    They are decent service grade rifles, comparable the Romanian I suppose. The big thing with ChiCom stuff is the QC sucks. When I bought mine I worked at a gun shop, and picked the best one out of the shipment. Some had serious quality defects. A good one is great, an ungood one is bad.
  10. JD42

    JD42 Scotts Mills Active Member

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    Nice Rifle. I have had several Chinese Ak's That is one clone they make great! Very reliable. I am not sure how many thousands of rounds I have put though mine. Way better than the Romeys. I remember when they were listed in shotgun news for $125 to a ffl. Back in the early 1990's. Dont bling it up to much. Nice stock set. And you are good to go!