Major oops self-discovered...

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by CanCanCase, May 29, 2011.

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    ...and VERY quickly rectified! Wife has been pulling her LCP out of the safe for dry-fire practice a lot lately. Today I pulled out my SR-9c to unload it and pack for a flight, and the mag just wouldn't unload smoothly. I got to looking, and the round in the chamber was my standard Remington defense round, but the 10 in the mag were .380 rounds...! Her cheap-o box of RTB .380 ammo apparently has about 30% of the casings stamped "9mm".... At least I would have gotten off one shot...

    Just for the sake of family harmony, I think I'll sell her LCP and give her my LC-9!

    - Case
  2. jordanvraptor

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    Just for giggles I once loaded .380 into a Glock 19. It fired just fine but did not have enough energy to cycle the slide. Manually cycled it fired just fine... :)
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    Well you are lucky that you didn't hurt yourself, or your gun. Although the .380 cartridge isn't that high of pressure, the dimensions are different enough between the two cartridges to cause an ugly case failure. Not only is it a shorter cartridge, the taper is quite different. If the case failed, you're still releasing up to 21,000 psi somewhere that you don't want it. Although maybe 99% of the time nothing bad happens, its still very dangerous to do. Just pointing this out so everyone can be safe!

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