Trying to keep down the clutter in the gun room, while at the same time trying to unify brands and models ect...

I have trade options listed, but I'll be interested in any offers, including cash offers.

Have to trade:

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(2) 30rd Orlite AR15 mags ($7each)
(1) Extremely worn Center Industries 30rd AR mag ($5)
(1) other 30rd AR mag ($5)
(2) Unmarked 20rd AR mag bodies ($1each)

(2) Mec Gar P3AT mags Sold

View attachment 202539
(1) Scherer Mag (+2 G19 extended) ($10)

View attachment 202540
(2) Unmarked 10rd mags for HK USP .45 (Make Offer)

View attachment 202541
(1) Eagle International 2230 (30rd 10/22 mag) (Make offer)

(2) green AR15 followers

View attachment 202542
(3) .223 10rd strip clips
Make offer

gear I'm looking for:
Glock factory mags for 19 and 17 and ultra high cap
Ramline 10/22 extended mags
30rd Magpul Pmags and Lancer mags
Decent quality 1911 mags
K bar fighting knife
Ladder rail covers
Quality Boot knife
MOLLE Gear (mag holders, flashlight holders, packs)
Milspec Monkey patches
Surprise Cock *** dust cover
Magpul BUIS
Glock 19 blackhawk serpa holster
Serpa quick disconnect system
Shoulder Holster for G19
HK rail adapter
Ugly Bald Guy IWB holster 1911
High rise J frame pancake holster (leather)

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