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Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by thewhitebuffalo83, Mar 11, 2013.

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    So, since I can't do a search at the moment I am just going to pose this question here. When you guys buy magazines for your firearms New or Used, Do you just trust them and not worrieing about them? I guess I am just talking about magazines primarily for defensive/offensiver purposes.

    The reason I am asking is because I have had one magazine related failure(bolt override), a while back and I am just curious what you guys think. Personally, I have alot of AR mags(compared to most) and I am slowly running each mag through my AR before I decide if I am going to trust it or not. So far, I have 4 PMAGS and $ Troy Battle Mags that I have run 90 or 120 rounds through and decided to trust. Each mag was shot at least once semi rapid fire.

    I am just curious what others are doing if they are doing anything and if I am just throwing money away making sure I have reliable magazines. Thanks in advance for your input on this.
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    I number my magazines and if one continues to have a problem it get's torn down and cleaned, then shot again. If the problem is still there I will attempt to determine what the problem is, and what's causing if, and then make a solid attempt to fix it. I haven't run into one that I can't fix yet, although my brother's Kimber doesn't seem to like one of the mags he has. It may get tossed eventually.

    To me it's not a "trust" issue, knowing how to deal with a problem magazine should be in everyone's training schedule, in fact having one you know is bad can be very beneficial, especially if it's not uniformly bad. If I had one that was constantly bad and I couldn't fix it, I may throw it away, or label it as "bad" and keep it in my shooting bag. After all, never know when you may need the parts from it to fix a good one.


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    ^^ I agree^^
    Number them and keep your flawless ones as your first line, then if you have problem mags LABEL THEM as such. Either get rid of them, return them for a refund, or keep them for parts maybe. I would keep the labeled bad ones handy for malfunction drills, if you practice that (hopefully you do)

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