Madam secretary

:D Would be interesting if they showed her decisions in the past and how they worked out. How she as Co pres sent in the ATF to Waco and it all ended in a fire. Think they will cover Bengazi? :D
Keep in mind that Obama had the law against WH propaganda operations deleted from the US Code so that the WH could recruit minions to create these ops society wide. There is a WH Dept of Propaganda and your paying for it
Keep in mind that Obama had the law against WH propaganda operations deleted from the US Code so that the WH could recruit minions to create these ops society wide. There is a WH Dept of Propaganda and your paying for it
When I read comment like this, I get to thinking, the people that don't vote for Obama (NWFA PC), they seem to not be as smart as the people that work for him. They seem to know every trick and loophole. But then I say, well maybe the people that don't vote for obama(NWFA PC) or work for te other team, (my team), they aren't as evil. But then I think, maybe we need to be a bit more shrood.


More like fluff-aganda than make it more watchable for the short attention span, low info voter. Either way they'll think it's a documentary of Hillary's tenure as the Secretary of Statists.

Interesting how as soon as this thread began, ads for Hillary in 2016 started appearing on this site.:mad:
That new show on tv. Is this supposed to be a Hillary Clinton propaganda show?
Connect the dots.

David Rhodes, the president of CBS news, (the ludicrous show in question is on CBS) is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama's deputy nat'l security advisor.
Ben Rhodes is the guy that wrote the Benghazi talking points. It is worth noting that among Ben Rhodes' college degrees is a Masters Degree in Fictional Literature from one of the premier bastions of liberal thought, NYU.

Hollywood has injected its opinion into elections more and more over the years, but this is the most blatantly obvious thing I've ever seen.
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Madam Secretary, CBS’ 100 million dollar Hillary infomercial, wasn’t <broken link removed>to begin with.
You would think that 60 Minutes with its senescent cast of droners would have less younger viewers than Madam Secretary, but don’t count out the Hillary magic.
The current ratings show that Madam Secretary lost 4 million 60 Minutes viewers and lost half of its younger 18-49 viewers. That’s the demo prized by advertisers and Madam Secretary is going to have trouble staying on the air if it can’t get them to tune in.
Younger voters are also an obvious target for the Hillary 2016 campaign which is what Madam Secretary is really an ad for. That’s why CBS’s version of Hillary Clinton is being played by a woman twenty years younger than her.
When your demographics are older than 60 Minutes, you know your TV show and your campaign are in big trouble.
Now it’s doing even worse with the handful of younger viewers it still hadn’t alienated.
The latest ratings show that Madam Secretary’s 2nd episode is down to a 1.4 rating among the demo, viewers 18-49, down from 2.0.
Up against the premiere of the Simpsons and Once Upon a Time, which had demo ratings of 3.9 and 3.4, Madam Secretary performed as miserably as Hillary did as Secretary of State.
The overall series has lost 2 million viewers with its 2nd episode. That doesn’t look very promising. Its overall ratings aren’t catastrophic yet, but CBS is obsessive about retaining younger viewers. It already does well with older viewers.
Madam Secretary can’t afford to keep losing viewers 18-45 or it’s toast. It’s already drawn down to Good Wife and CSI level ratings in the demo. If it keeps falling beyond that, it hits Blue Bloods territory. Any further and it’s gone.
By way of comparison, Scorpion, CBS’ new drama, pulled in a 3.20 demo. NCIS New Orleans debuted with a 2.50 in the demo.
Robin Williams’ Crazy Ones got the ax after a season finale that pulled in a 1.30 in the demo. Hostages was canceled after dropping below 1.00 in the demo. Intelligence was canceled after a 1.20 in the demo.
Madam Secretary is performing with younger viewers like a show that’s been on the air for five years. At best. And that’s not a good thing.
The question is how much money is CBS willing to lose to promote Hillary Clinton?
Bonus: Diplomad’s review of Madam Secretary



Wonder if it will include her stand on firearms?:D
I think episode 3 is about a domestic extremist who insists that the Government recognize the US Constitution and functions as a Republic. When they catch up to him he has a high powered assault rifle complete with that barrel shroud thing that flips up, that high capacity banana thing that holds dozens of clips, and a laser sniper scope. And a bible. He is holding several young immigrant female children hostage who sent him over the edge by raising money for world peace everywhere when Tea Loononi disarms him by having everyone else put their guns down.
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