machine gun shoot Albany in May

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    I'm not much on a computer, but I have a wife. My wife likes the coast so a gun show or shoot on the way might make a good trip. In these times of high ammo prices about the only thing I shoot full-auto is 22lr. So I took the two most popular guns in the country and combined them into one. The rogAR15. I designed it over two years ago. The video that is on u-tube was done two years ago. I have done a lot of work on it since then. Anybody that knows anything about closed bolt 22's on full-auto knows that the biggest problem is bolt bounce.I tell people it's like hitting an anvil with a hammer. When the bolt hits the end of the barrel it bounces back, but the problem with that is the hammer has already been tripped. Thats what why it kept stopping on the video. I have a cure for that but thats kind of a secret for now. Captain Monty said I should patent my idea. Well anyway I was checking on your machine gun shoot. I am a member of the Idaho machine gun club. I would be interested in setting up a table and letting people shoot my rogAR15. I could have 4 of them set up to shoot and they could bring their own ammo.I have one lower I made of wood. I have went through around 30,000 rds. through mine mostly the one in the video with a 10" barrel. I also make targets that explode with 22's as seen on my web site I'm not sure what you guy's shoot at but I like to know when I hit something. Any information would be helpful. Thanks Roger

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