WTS OR Mac-10 Cobray 9mm Double Feed 32rd Magazine $120

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    Hopefully one of you has a Mac-10 9mm.

    I have this 32rd magazine made by Cobray. Cobray went out of business a while ago it seems. Dealers, when they have it, want around $160 or more


    I don't have a Mac-10 gun. Seems like a fun firearm. So I don't know much about them.

    What I have is the double feed version. There is a single feed version as well. I am pretty sure the mag is the 32rd capacity. I looked well into the mags that are for sale, but can't guarantee. I fed 20 rounds of 9mm. There is a lot of space left, but the spring is very tough starting that point. As far as I know, the spring is in good shape. The mag seems to have been stored empty.

    Below are the link to a dealer that has such mag for sale and to the Cobray web site.

    Factory Mac 10 9x19mm 36 round magazine

    Cobray Company LLC

    Send a PM if you are interested. Below are the pictures.

    Mac-10-9mm-cobray-magazine-for-sale-double-feed.jpg Cobray-Mac-10-9mm-magazine-for-sale-double-feed-32-round.jpg


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