WTS OR M1D Garand, 520 trench, Mauser trainer, Krag

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    Hello everyone,

    I am planning a nice trip this year and I've thought long and hard about selling some rifles. Therefore I am mostly looking for cash, but I am willing to hear out partial trades in addition to cash. I apologize ahead of time because I can't figure out how to make my photos appear in this listing. You'll have to click the links instead. They are worth clicking.


    First up for sale is my M1D Garand. I spoke with the builder for some clarification on the build parts. I had it built using new old stock parts, a new barrel, and a reproduction scope mount and barrel mount. I had a new barrel installed and headspaced, so it measures less than 1 for both TE & MW. The stock I choose to have some wear because I like the look better. Receiver serial numbers match that of a period sniper, but just to reiterate this is NOT an original documented sniper. I shot it enough to verify it could hit a quarter sized target at about 100ft repeatably. Ran perfectly. I technically have an M1C scope (civilian Lyman Alaskan) in it since I like it better than the M84 scope. The scope is very clean and no issues with the glass. I have a leather cheekrest somewhere I will include if I can find it. CMP list rack grade M1D's for $1k, and mine is much nicer and has scope and mount included. If you want a shooter, you will not find a nicer example. Asking $1750obo price adjusted for the repro parts.


    Next up is a J. Stevens Co. model 520 trench gun mockup 12ga. NOT an original trench gun, but looks like it. Was reparkerized, though the heat shield was not. Functions well on 2&3/4" shells and looks great. This is the takedown model. Asking $500obo.


    Next, I have a GECO Deustches Sportmodell Mauser .22lr trainer. Full length rifle stock, but duffle cut underneath sling band. There is trench art on the forward stock piece unfortunately, but it is an authentic GI bringback. No import marks I see. Original leather sling included and matching numbers from what I can see. 'RAD' marked for "Reich Labor Service' and receiver marked 'Gustav Genschow & Co. Akt ges abtl. Waffenfabrik Berlin-Tretow.' Original owner got it in the early 70's and never fired it. It's just sitting I don't shoot it and asking only what I have into it: $500obo. Full disclosure I discovered it doesn't extract reliably so probably needs a new extractor spring can be had for less than a dollar. Didn't know that when I bought it.


    Finally I have an 1898 Krag that was unfortunately sporterized. I purchased to try to make into a Philippine Constabulary carbine, but I don't want any more projects. Barrel basically looks new so it will make a great shooter as-is if you desire. I've never shot it. Full disclosure, I discovered the rear sight screws are loose and probably need to be loctited, and I notice the magazine cutoff switch is missing. Didn't know that when I bought it. Priced accordingly at $250obo. SPF


    Thanks for looking. Let me know if you have any questions.

    As for trades, I am always interested in milsurp. Specifically 22 trainers/conversions of any kind, any nationality. I'm also looking for a Steyr Hahn in 9mm parabellum, VIS 35, M91 Mosin Nagant, export Mausers (Argentinian, Chilean, Peruvian), French MLE rifles, Long Lees, or anything cool and shootable, bulk .303 Brit or 7.65 Arg. Also US martial arms M1 carbine, 1911A1, Springfield Krag infantry length, an Springfield Trapdoor. I might be interested in a CZ 805 Bren in FDE or 4x ACOG w/ crosshairs.

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    I got a Peruvian mauser in 7.65. What else you got for trade the only thing that kinda interests me is the krag but the mauser is a 650$ piece.

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