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I had somebody try to tell me that their synthetic stock would bend when it got hot and they leaned the rifle against something. Perhaps injection molded, but not a synthetic stock like this, which is what he had.
What a crock.
I liked it better before when it was all original.

you bubba'd a fine rifle.
What a shame.

bubba' I guess I am a Cleatus when it comes to M1As.

No worries; I kept all the original kit so that I can change it back at a later date if needed. I really wanted a M1A Scout, but the deal I had on the SOCOM was too good to turn down. I sure like the handy little carbine, just not the huge rail and the Rhino liner covered stock. I personaly think the M14/M1A type rifles look muck better in wood unlike FALs, HK G3s & ARs that look right in black plastic. There is also a reason why there are many take off M1A Socom II Vltor rails for sale, they are very heavy & make the rifle unbalanced (nose heavy).
The wood gives it the classic M1A look with the shorter barrel giving it a serious dose of Bad A$$. I have always liked the Socom 16 but this has inspired me to pursue getting one. Looks like my wife will need a new part time job.

I dumped off my socom 2, because I couldn't get my hand around the huge rail out front. I debated if I should have sold the socom2 rail on GB and re-outfit it back to origional. I wish I did, now that I see yours. It's way better this way. All I used on it was my eotech. I can't see why anyone would need all the side and bottom rails. Once you start hanging a bunch of battery powered stuff all over it it becomes less of an asset, and more of a liability. More stuff to break, and get caught on stuff. A main battle rifle should be simple and low drag.

Let me know when you get tired of that one, and I'll be right down with some cash for ya.

Can't beat the target walnut stock. GI birch stock is nice too, and a little lighter.
I just couldn't stand that huge, ugly & heavy rail or the Rhino lined glass stock that came w/ the little carbine. The really great thing about M14/M1As is that if you don't dig the stock or hanguard that came with it, simply change them. Quick, cheap & easy; now I have a cool looking, great handling and shooting little carbine. I might even try the IOR Valdada Red Dot that I currently have on my M4 on it this weekend at the club.

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