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M1 Garands, Marlin 30/30, Savage 17 HMR, Browning BLR, Mosin M44, NIB 10/22 & More

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by graniteclimber, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. graniteclimber

    graniteclimber Hillsboro, OR Member

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    I am new to the forums here but I have positive feedback on AR15.com under the same user name.

    I am moving to Alaska next year which is prompting me to sell a large collection of firearms, ammunition, and magazines. I will be listing more firearms, mags and accessories over the next few days. Please check my other threads for handguns, magazines, ammunition, and accessories. In the next few days I will also be posting several AR15s and an AR10. Posting a large collection is very time consuming, hard to do it all at once. Due to the size of the collection and limited about of time I have, it is difficult to post pictures of everything. I will be happy to take a picture of whatever you request but please be seriously interested in purchasing the item before requesting a picture.

    Email contact works best. My email address is sunrivershepherd@gmail.com PLEASE EMAIL INSTEAD OF IM!!!

    Face to face sales in the Hillsboro, Oregon area are strongly preferred, however I can ship at buyers expense but please be advised due to my work schedule it may take a day or two for me to get it shipped out.

    Reasonable offers and or quantity discounts may be considered. Please specify what you are ordering in addition to the lot number.

    The only trades I may consider:

    -Benelli Supernova Tactical with the standard stock (no pistol grip) in either black or the H2O model
    -G20SF or OD G20
    -Large caliber (44 mag or larger) quality double action revolver

    I am not interested in any other trades. Please do not ask...

    1. Springfield Armory M1 Garand, service grade, from the CMP, 30/06. Have box and documentation from CMP. This is a beautiful example of a fine Garand. Stock and finish are very nice. I have not fired it. $750. This rifle is pictured in the bottom of the photos. - SOLD SOLD SOLD

    2. H&R M1 Garand, service grade, from the CMP, 30/06. Have box and documentation from CMP. This is a fine example of a service grade rifle. Not quite as nice finish wise as the Springfield but still a good solid rifle. It came with a new Boyd stock from the CMP. I have fired this rifle 24 rounds, it was flawless and accurate. $725 This rifle is pictured in the top of the photos. - SOLD SOLD SOLD


    On the photo below there is no rust, it is cosmoline from the CMP

    3. Browning BLR in .308, serial number 03855K47. Excellent condition, made in Japan, I think it dates to the early 70s but I am not 100% sure. Bluing is great except it is worn off on the muzzle crown. The wood looks good enough to make love to. I have fired this rifle 8 times, flawless and was accurate. Shoulders nicely and is light and compact. I actually regret not shooting it more but it was too nice to take out. I am the second owner, do not know exact round count. $550. This rifle is on the bottom of the photo.

    4. Marlin 336W w/ sling in 30/30. Excellent like new condition, pretty sure I still have the box. I've shot it about 30 rounds since it was new 5 or 6 years ago. $320.00. This is a pre Remington rifle and the fit and finish are very nice. Rifle is pictured in the top of the photo.



    5. Mosin Nagant M44 with a beautifully refinished stock. Chambered in 7.62x54R. I've shot it about 20 times, no problems. The stock is really nice, pictures don't do it justice. $250



    6. Ruger 10/22 with super nice laminated stock. I purchased this rifle approximately 4 to 5 years ago. Unfired and NIB. It has a sling, I can't remember if it came from the factory or if I put it on, but regardless the rifle will come with it. $230 - SOLD

    7. Marlin Model 60, blued, excellent condition. Less than 500 rounds fired, I'd say about 6 years old. Pretty sure I have box. $130 - SOLD

    8. Marlin Model 70, magazine fed semi auto. Pretty hard to find model. Comes with two 25rnd magazines. Missing front sight and comes with the cheap-o scope pictured. Has small surface rust spot on barrel, but should clean up nicely. I took this in on trade a while back, I have not shot it, but the previous owner said it functioned fine. $75.00 - SOLD SOLD SOLD

    9. Savage 93R17 .17 HMR, has acctrigger and comes with a 3x9 Nikon Prostaff scope and bi-pod. This is a no BS 1 MOA rifle. Few hundred rounds fired, in excellent condition. Major tack driver. One of my favorite rifles I own actually and will be sad to see it go. $310 - SOLD
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  2. graniteclimber

    graniteclimber Hillsboro, OR Member

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    Marlin 30/30, Browning BLR, and Mosin Nagant M44 still available!
  3. graniteclimber

    graniteclimber Hillsboro, OR Member

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    still available!!!
  4. Decemberfive

    Decemberfive Battleground New Member

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    Is the Mosin Nagant M44 still for sale?