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M1 Garand

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by M.Link, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. M.Link

    M.Link Guest

    Is there some sort of detatchable mag you can put on a M1, in .30-06?
  2. Jamie6.5

    Jamie6.5 Western OR Well-Known Member

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    I don't think so.
    You might try to find a Beretta M59, 62 etc. They did some conversions to 7.62x51 when NATO went that way, but AFAIK there aren't any M2 ('06) removable mag conversions.
  3. Celtic Armory

    Celtic Armory Port Orchard, WA Member

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    Short answer : no.

    Long answer : no.
  4. andy*

    andy* Everson Wa Member

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    Springfield Armory in their quest for making the M14 rifle, did along the way covert a M1 so it could use BAR magazines. This was done in the late 40's- early 50's. How it was done I have no idea. I would think such a conversion now would not be worth it.
  5. Oohrah

    Oohrah NorthwestSouthern Oregon Coast Member

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    The original M 14 with a detachable magazine was created by Berreta from an M 1 Garand. However the amount of modification costs would be prohibitive. A different trigger housing that I believe is longer to accept a removable magazine is the first to overcome, along with several other modifications to get it to work correctly. Take a look at Springfield's M1A1s.
    In fact buying one of those would be the way to go if you abolsolutely needed a magazine fed instead of an enblock 8 round clip!