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Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by STUKA, Jun 6, 2016.

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  1. STUKA

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    Ive decided I no longer care about this rifle, so I'd like to trade for something else that I'll actually use.
    1955 manufactured Springfield M1 Garand
    Has some finish loss, minor pitting,etc
    Functions well, but I've owned it for 2 years and only put 24 rounds through it.
    Does include a sling and 10 clips
    Lots more clips and lots of ammo available separately, for more $ of course.
    Bore looks good to me, stock has no cartouches.
    A good shooter that you don't have to worry about collectability.
    I'm not a Garand expert- if you are, great for you.
    I'll try to answer what I can but I'm not an anal retentive collector type, so I may not have the answer you want

    I'm only interested in older Firearms or an old truck.
    I prefer Fords, but an old Dodge might do.
    Not looking for anything in particular, just whatever piques my interest.
    I don't have a cash price, because it's not for sale.

    It will be easier to list what I DO NOT want-
    Glocks, or any other plastic handguns.
    Hi point,Smell tec,Raven,or any other ghetto firearms.
    Black powder guns
    Sporterized military rifles
    Sporting shotguns

    If you have anything COOL, or interesting, and would like to own a Garand, let me know what you have.
    I will ignore requests to ship, and I will ignore requests to sell any ammo separately.
    Please PM only as I don't always check the ad.
    Thank you.

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