I have a '40 or '41 M1 Garand. I wanted to be able to run modern .30-06 loads through it, so I got the Schuster adjustable gas plug.

I took it to the range and started with the plug pretty far out, and tightened it by a quarter turn between each shot until it cycled consistently. Yay, it's adjusted!

But when I put the set screw in and tightened it down on top of the plug, after a couple of turns it felt like the plug underneath the set screw is also rotating. This is no bueno because then I'm unnecessarily tightening the gas plug. I did ensure the allen wrench was not protruding into the plug, and was only contacting the set screw.

How do I ensure the set screw is tight enough to hold the plug and stay in place itself, but not so tight that rotating it also further tightens the plug?
Not sure where the set screw is on this one as I used the other larger capacity plug instead of the adjustable one, but perhaps some locktite?


I have a couple of the Schuster adjustable gas plugs and the first one I bought had no set screw. Their (Shuster's) theory was that enough carbon would build up after firing a few times that the adjustment screw would not move. I have not had any issues with the set screw on the one that has it. The set screw did not move the adjustment screw. The one without the set screw did not move after the carbon built up. I would never use Loctite. I also have one of the larger capacity gas plugs but have never used it. I decided to just use garand safe ammo (HXP or Lake City) or handloads with garand safe powder and loads.
The there are garand loads and honestly, the testing on regular 30.06 ammo, nothing hunting or extra power, proved no bad pressures over the garand specs anyway.

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