WTS OR M1 Garand - SA, 1964 rebuild

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    Springfield Armory M1 that was originally built in October 1944 and rebuilt by Red River Army Depot in 1964.
    Rifle was purchased through Dept. of Civilian Marksmanship (DCM) in 1993, shot once and put away. The rifle maintains its original finish, with only minor wear on gas cylinder, bolt and receiver bolt rails. Everything locks up tight with no loose, sloppy parts.
    I don't have barrel gauges but the muzzle is still pretty tight based on the bullet test. The bore is bright and the rifling is sharp.
    Stock and front handguard are birch, rear handguard is walnut. Wood is in very good condition with no acceptance/proof marks.

    The barrel is marked SA 6535448 6 64
    Trigger housing: D28290-12-SA
    Hammer: SA5546008
    Safety: HRA
    Bolt: 6528287-SA
    Op rod: 7790722-SA

    Other part descriptions and additional photos are available on request.

    Rifle comes with the original shipping box, papers and instruction book from DCM.

    $1,000 FTF in Portland area.


    20141228_093537.jpg 20141228_093718.jpg 20141228_093952.jpg 20141228_094343.jpg 20141228_093459.jpg
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    So very nice, gonna have to check all my cash hiding spots

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