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    Have some Garrand Parts odds & ins lots of small parts.. I havnt done anything with any of this for a very long time this is what i have gone through and listed so far , im still sorting parts so if you dont see something your needing chances are i prolly have it, just pm me.

    i accept credit and debit cards through Google Wallet

    i also accept money orders personal checks western union and money gram.

    M1 Garand Op Rod 1/2" Short for .308 Barrel 110.00

    M1 Garand Op Rod U.S. G.I. 200.00

    M1 Garand Receiver Front Demilled 39.00

    M1 Garand Springfield Clip Latch 74.00

    M1 Garand Springfield Breech Bolt Assembly (Marked SA) 139.00

    M1 Garand Springfield Breech Bolt Assembly (WRA) 219.00

    M1 Garand Springfield Hammer (Marked SA) 79.00

    M1 Garand Springfield Safety (Marked WRA) 99.00

    M1 Garand Springfield Safety (Marked SA) 59.00

    M1 Garand Springfield Armory Bolt, stripped 120.00

    M1 Garand Winchester Bolt, stripped 129.00

    M1 Garand Trigger Housing, Stripped (Marked PB) 89.00

    M1 Garand Trigger Housing, Stripped (Marked HRA) 95.00

    M1 Garand Trigger Housing, Stripped (Marked WRA)

    M1 Garand Trigger Housing Assembly, Milled (Marked Springfield Armory) 159.00

    M1 Garand Opp Rod-Used, Good Condition (Marked Springfield Armory - SA) 225.00

    M1 Garand Sniper stocks 100% original USGI never sanded or updraded all original stamps and arsenal markings i have a few of these Various makers marks no SA/GAW or Winchester left (no choice) luck of the draw! i guarantee you the stock to be 100% original USGI with all original stamping and markings the stocks even have the outline and screw holes for the cheek pad! 295.00

    M84 Scope 1903A4 Springfield & M1D Garand Sniper Rifles 500.00

    M1 Garand Barrel w/ surface rust & OK Bore, Orig GI, WWII dated 95.00

    M1 Garand G.I. Front Handguard With Metal 39.00

    M1 Garand G.I. Front Handguard with Metal, Used, Very Good Condition 55.00

    M1943 Double Edge Bayonet 89.00

    Garandstock1.jpg garandstock3.jpg WRA gas cylinder1.jpg WRA gas trap bolt1.jpg
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    BEWARE, Craig is not an honest seller. He shorted me 550.00 worth of parts on 2 1928 Thompson kits. He will not return phone calls. He was very responsive before he got the money.
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