M1 carbine and set of trophies

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    All three came back with a WWII servicman before they limited the number of trophies that could be brought home.
    The M1 is a GM Inland with 2/45 barrell stamp and Springfield Armory cartouche on buttstock with original sling, in this pic it IS missing the upper handguard but I have since replaced it with a four rivet, as close to the stock wood as I could find. Totally functional
    The Mauser is a captured 1937 Czec that was a Jap contract rifle that is believed to be pulled directly out of the Czec arsonal because it does not match the serial # span of the known Czecs that were sent to Japan, this is very interesting and adds to the value as it has the very faint white Jap characters painted on the inside of the sling. It is totally functional with all markings intact.
    Finally we have a captured Arisaka that I believe is a 37, it looks like it laid on a beach for awhile, the bolt is extremely pitted and the outer metal has at least surface rust if not deeper in some spots, I have made no attempt to clean it up just because but it does have the dust cover, original belt buckle sling and all markings are intact.
    I will not split these up for any reason so please don't ask. I have done extensive reasearch on these pieces and know what they are worth alone not to mention how rare they are to be all together

    $1650 takes them all

    2012-08-30 22.05.15.jpg
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    Is the carbine missing the upper handguard?
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    Looks like it IS missing,to me..also notice the bayonet lug..Its often questioned whether or not there were any M1 carbines issued DURING WW2 with these. Maybe the Vet bought it from the CMP well after the war? Not trying to crap on the thread,just making some observations that a prospective buyer might want to know.
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    From an M1 Carbine site.

    Inland started putting type 3 barrel bands with bayonet lugs on after serial number 6,700,000.
    This would put this type band with bayo lug on Inlands last 2 serial number blocks they were issued. Figure Oct/Nov 1944 as a stating time. Bands would be stamped with one of the following...AI, KI, SI, UI, H.I., or JI.

    Winchester started them after serial number 6,475,000. This would put them in their last 2 serial number blocks. Roughly same time line. Winchester bands would either be marked with a C or a W.

    Quality Hardware also made some type 3 bands, they were marked MMQ on the band and EM-Q on the bayo lug. However, they were used on post-war carbine rebuilds.

    There is no record at all of any of the other manufacturers having used the type 3 band and bayo lug at all. Hope this helps.
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    Carbine most likely went thru Clean and Repair after WWII.

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