M&P9 full size with all it came with new,525 prefer trade

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by 40calruler, Mar 18, 2013.

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    As I have read PMs are having problems feel free to email me at kyleportland@gmail.com

    This gun is in like new condition and has around 300 down the pipe from lowest to highest end ammo. Never a failure no matter the ammo type. Although it might fail if you do what I watched someone do the other day at the range and load their 9 luger with 9 makerov and likely against my warnings ruined their gun. Before firing they said "you do not know what you are talking about it says 9mm right on it". Just a funny little side note and no no.

    Anyway I am mostly looking to trade this piece and wanting a 40 cal metal frame SA/DA preferred to be a CZ or CZ style clone but either way SA/DA is what I am wanting. The M&P has a great DA only trigger but its just not my thing and if I really need one then I will steal my Wifes out of the safe as she seems to copy most guns I get. SO a metal frame 40 or maybe 45 IF it is SA/DA like an older ruger or smith plus some ammo or cash if need be. I would take a gun of lesser value with the features I am wanting if you can bring the value up to even with ammo or cash. Not a taurus unless you have a larger non poly judge. Other trades would be a HD shotgun 18.5 inch pump or side by side. The guns that I have had and would love again in any caliber would be a CZ75, P99, SW99, all with decockers. I do love the striker fired guns with decockers. Miss both of those guns. As per forum rules with a WTS add I must put a price. With everything it came with new 5250bo, That is two 17 round mags, 3 interchangable straps for grip size adjustment and beautiful blue smith hardcase. This gun is in 97% at least condition. To the old whiners they can read below and to the real folks look at my feedback rather than someone who wants this gun for 300 dollars and is upset it did not happen. As per my past transactions I will be fair and only ask in offers and everything else you do the same. I can add a little more than 100 rounds of 9mm (luger) to the transaction if your gun calls for it.

    Had this for sale right after a surgery a while back and was flooded with complaints as in my pain med/ muscle relaxer induced typing I offered a almost new gun for a lot less than it is worth. Thank goodness for wives and cousins who know firearms and stopped me from giving this fine piece away. Well this is a fresh add with a clear head and the ability to drive and walk...slowly. To those who wanted it before you are welcome to Pm or Email me again as I do not have the old messages.

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