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M&P40c now cleared for carry...


Took both of my S&W M&P40c pistols to the cabin yesterday and brought some defensive reloads and commercial ammo to see which one liked what and which was more accurate.

Shot both pistols in their original configuration, then swapped slide assemblies and came up with the superior combo.

The newer frame with the safety when combined with the older slide with the night sights resulted in acceptable accuracy with my defensive reloads and a trigger pull of 3.75lbs.

First shot the American Eagle 165gr FMJs I bought and was really disappointed in their accuracy...


Then shot my reloads, which are 180gr or 155gr XTPs with Ramshot Silhouette powder...


Pistol performed well with both the 180gr XTP and the 155gr XTP, but didn't like the RMR 155gr FMJ...


Did some speed drills and lots of plinking and am now very comfortable with the pistol and found it points very naturally for me.

Will of course start working up some loads using the Speer Gold Dots, which I think are superior to the XTP for self-defense against 2-legged threats, while the XTP is better for critters.
Good testing session- I like the 180g in .40 as well.
I haven't shot factory ammo for quite a while, but have had similar results with accuracy.
I think most are loaded a little hot and accuracy suffers.


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