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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by mpperales, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Just picked up a used M&P9C that looks in almost perfect shape....owner says he purchased last November but date code and serial indicate a May/June 08' born on date...new "old" stock??

    1) I have heard earlier M&P's like this should have the striker replaced with the newer "silver" assembly found in post-2010 M&P's. Is this true?

    2) The take town lever - it does NOT have the little tab on it when you remove it like newer models. It twists up and the comes out. I have also found that once the slide is reattached after cleaning and held in place by the slide stop...and I gently release the slide (not under power but controlled) the take down lever "snaps" into the up position...Is this supposed to happen? On my Shield I had to rotate the lever back...

    3) The trigger is VERY smooth....

    4) It does NOT have the yellow sear level newer M&P's have. I simply lock slide back, rotate take down lever, pull trigger (like a Glock) and remove slide

    Seems to be in 98 or 99% cosmetic/wear categories....Did I find an old M&P in really good shape? Any input would be appreciated....
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    Correct, it sounds like an early Mellonite striker assembly. I have heard of them being brittle.some people have had them brake and others have not. M&ps seem to have had a lot of slight design changes year by year. I personally try to stick with 2010 and up. However m&p aftermarket support sucks so I dumped them.If it is striker fired for me its going be a glock.Just my 2 cents.

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