M&P 9mm fired little and looks new, pics added

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    Sorry if you have sent me a message and I have yet to get back to you. Had a little family emergency to deal with. Posting pics as that was the majority of the requests. Just oil on the grip no blimishes or wear on pistol. Looks new as stated before. Factory box, backstraps, lock, 2 mags as you can see in pics it is all there and in beautiful condition if you are into these pistols you are not likely to find a better taken care of used one. Sights are glow in the dark when charged aftermarket sights. The do glow super bright with a little charge.

    Had this for a while but really never got into shooting it. Maybe 100 rounds down the pipe. Everytime I go to the range I want to shoot my CZs or .22s and this is a gun that I really do not have a lot of interest in but many seem to swear by. I prefer a hammer and SA/DA on a metal frame 9mm.
    That is what I am looking for in trade. Something comperable as far as reliability in a heavier metal framed 9mm. If it does not have a hammer and is polymer then as far as I am concerned it is not going to be nicer or more reliable than my M&P as they are about the most reliable gun you can find. This gun looks brand new and has original box, papers, lock, 2 17 round mags, and everything that it came with new.
    Please do not waste my time with low ball offers. I am in no rush but for the right gun I am willing to do a quick transaction as I check email often. Guns that are not in the same ballpark as a 98-99% smith will be ignored. I will be fair on a trade and only ask the same of you...Kinda gets tiring getting excited that I have a offer and seeing another Taurus semi auto.

    A heavy metal high capacity .380 might also be of interest such as a beretta 84, browning BDA. Otherwise a 9mm is the main preference

    Will add pics tomorrow my phone memory is full and I am too tired to transfer the pics to the comp tonight. Just look at a new full size m&p 9 and thats it though.
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    I may be interested, pics will be good tho
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    pm sent

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