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    Hello everyone!

    I like to hike in the woods and do some small game hunting with my air rifle. Its hard for me to be gone for days at a time hunting since I have wife and kids so, I trek local woods but will drive a couple hours for a good hunt day if someone wants to hook up and take down some critters.

    If anyone likes to hunt and wants to join me or if you know a spot and wouldn't mind a partner let me know. I ususally carry a small camelpack with ammo, knife, first aid / emergency stuff, food, water, squirrel & crow call.. so I don't mind hiking in a bit. If we go deep woods I usually carry my pistol (real gun) with just cause I've run into a black bear before in Issaquah of all places so be ok with that. I also "camo up" which I found to get me the most kills...especially when rabbit hunting.:cool:

    Anyhow I'm free most days as I work from home and make my own hours (software geek) and most weekends I can get away for a bit.

    Happy hunting and be safe, be smart and always be prepared.
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    welcome to NWF ! well.... just keep floating around for awhile, and people will pop-up ! there's plenty from your area here !
    enjoy yourself !!


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