I bought a Lyman electric trigger gauge for my FIL's B-day; too bad he already bought one a few months ago :(

Best deal I found was CTD for $60. GNS-248 - Lyman Electronic Trigger Gauge LCD Display 9 Volt Battery

I can still return it for a full refund but I thought I might save someone SH and of course the instant gratification of local pickup.

This is still in the sealed packaging.

$60 cash or
I'm looking for 9mm, .45ACP, .223/5.45 ammo
rail mount for my AR carry handle (A2 style)
OTW holster for a G17 (no thumb break please)
Rock Chucker press
Tactical light for my M590 12G

Thanks for looking
I'm located in 98682 evenings or 97211 days

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