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The first gun I shot was a...

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Howdy operators!

Former forum lurker registered this week. New member on NW Firearms, not so new to firearms in the northwest. Always found great region focused info here. You guys always have an answer for my burning questions about CHL in the area. Looking forward to taking in much more knowledge now.

About me: Born in Wash Co, grew up in Portland, lived in Arizona and have finally returned home. Nothing quite like these hills and trees. Been shooting since high school, former BSA, LE explorer. Avid hiker, camper, backpacker, and 4x4er. Always shot long guns. Friends with CHL and in LE advised my first 9mm purchase 6 years ago, so I got my CHL, now took up a new quarantine hobby: building my AR pistol. *shrugs in 2a* Some folks out there just sound jealous, but I think they just need their own AR build to see the light.

Anyways, I will probably just go back to lurking, but now with my very own account to like and react with.

Thanks for your time fellas.
Welcome, I voted pistol because I am pretty sure it was first. It was before I was old enough to start school and holding even the .22 rifle I had been given would have been a chore. I well remember using an old kitchen chair to learn to shoot that .22 rifle to make it easy to hold up. Then another guy got me to make and try a shooting stick. Now days they would probably send people to the home to take me out of the house for allowing a pre grade school kid to shoot a "EVIL GUN" :s0140:


What everyone else said. :rolleyes:

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