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    A year or so ago I bought some LinSpeed oil from the manufacturer and recieved a sample bottle of Lube N Shield gun lube and protectant. At the time there were several good reviews on the web supporting this products good qualities. I used this on my .177 cal European air rifle and never had any bad results. I recently looked for some online for a buddy and could not find a supplier so I emailed Lin Speed....below is the email I got back:

    Hello Allen,
    We had a bad experience with Lube n Shield. It works fine when buffed out but if left wet on metal surfaces it will rust the metal. The manufacturer had assured me otherwise. I now have rust stains on the faces of my ejectors in my Red Label and even worse my father-in-law’s Browning O/U is also rust stained. The barrels and other surfaces that were buffed are fine. We have discontinued selling Lube n Shield. Thanks for contacting us.

    Needless to say I have stopped any use of this product...just passing this info along. :thumbup:

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