Lube metals in mylar bags for long term storage?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Bushman, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Thinking PVC, 7.5 mil mylar bag (possibly double bag it) and 2 packs of oxygen absorbers. I've heard dessicant counteracts what oxygen absorbers need to work properly, so considering just sticking to oxygen absorbers.

    That begs the question: to lube the metal items or not? I've heard it breaks down and hardens up to a crystal over long periods. On the other hand, lube helps prevent rust, but so does a lack of oxygen. Theoretically you should be good with oxygen absorbers, especially if double bagging. I suppose it's best to lube the metal but not go overboard like with axle grease or something like that. Just some regular lubricants?

    Also, since it will be in PVC, should one double bag it with mylar bags? Or will one suffice? Apparently there is almost no oxygen transfer with two, so low that it's not a hazard. But over a decade the mylar apparently lets in some oxygen. Perhaps best to just lube, use oxygen absorbers, single mylar bag and check storage every few years?

    I would presume checking after at least a 1 and 3 year interval to be a good idea, so that you can see whether it's working or not. If lucky you might stop it from permanent damage?
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    The lube would break down if exposed to oxygen but if you have oxygen absorbers it should stay good
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    Petroleum jelly, a poor mans cosmoline.
    Easy to remove with a simple degreaser, it stays where you put it and it absolutely won't allow rusting- and it's cheaper than anything else on the market.

    I use a light coating on all my units that are not frequently fired and have never had a single issue with rusting, and I live on the coast for what it's worth.
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    Seriously how long is long? It takes a long time for modern lubricants to break down, decades.
    Personally I would oil it heavy. I would rather worry about cleaning off hardened lube than risk pitted or heavy rust. It should not rust, but if you are going to stick the thing in a plastic tube and under a foot or two of dirt you really don't know what will happen.

    I say heavy oil (and at least double bag maybe more)
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    I use an old school Black Powder trick. Take heavy untreated paper, soak in rendered (bear works best) animal fat, and mix in olive oil, honey, and bees wax. Coat and soak the paper and squeegee off the excess and let cure. Then wrap what ever you wish to store and seal in this paper and vac seal in plastic bags. You could add a desiccant if you wish too. The metals wont be affected by this mix, its food grade, and olive oil and bees wax never go bad or rot. Both will help protect from moisture and will seal the metals poor's! You can also apply a hot, liquid coating of this mix directly to the metals and wood for better protection. You can also buy this mix commercially but it generally doesn't have olive oil, or honey in it. It has many product names, but every one calls it bore butter! I use this trick to build and maintain " battle packs" of ammo and I build it into 140 round packs. This works for 7.62z51 or any other like size. I have also used this for long term storage of a few fire arms and can attest to it keeping rust and corrosion as well as wood rot from my firearms for 22 years strait. All looked as good the day I unpacked them as the day I put them in storage! Note, I still have an SKS in a PVC tube that I packed like this( SHTF) and have yet to open it up after 25 years. I expect it will be like the others, Good as new!
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