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LR308 Build

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by SICARIO, Aug 24, 2010.


    SICARIO Oregon City Active Member

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    Just finished up my 308 build/assembly....I'm in love:


    More Pictures
  2. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Ardenwald, OR Well-Known Member

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    Nice rifle. My AR10 has made the M1A's very jealous.

    SICARIO Oregon City Active Member

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    Yeah, the AR's are sweet shooters.
  4. haythrower

    haythrower SW WA Member

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    So do tell....what are the components you chose for the build and why?

    SICARIO Oregon City Active Member

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    • Stock: Magpul CTR (I like the friction lock of the CTR, and it's relatively light weight, so I went with that)
    • Magpul ASAP Plate (for the MS2 Sling) (I like the ambidextrous feature of the sling and plate, not a fan of the rattling around if the slings not attached, but not generally an issue)
    • Grip: Magpul MIAD w/ Grip Wedge (Miad fits great in my hand, and with the grip wedge it fits the receiver nicely)
    • Charging Handle: BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 (I was torn between a gas buster and the gunfighter. Ultimately I went with the gunfighter because realistically, I won't have a suppressor anytime soon, and the gunfighter eliminates another weak point in the system, and I like that)
    • Trigger: Bill Springfield (Honestly, this is the trigger that came with it, it's actually a stock trigger bobbed and polished with JP springs. I had to swap out the hammer spring to a stock one to work reliably with surplus ammo)
    • Pins: KNS Anti walk/rotate pins (with lighter trigger springs, there's a tendency for the pins to walk, another thing I wanted to eliminate. I went with the original KNS Pins because they have more material on them and are less likely to fail)
    • Front Flip up sights: Troy, HK style (I like the troy sights, they are low profile and very sturdy. I like the HK front because the circle lines up nicely with my peep. I plan on switching out the front post for a tritium one)
    • Rear Flip up sight: Troy (Again, I like the robustness and low profile)
    • Scope: Burris XTR 1.5-6x40 (w/ Hunter Turrets) (There have been good reviews about the Burris XTR 1-4 scope for AR's, So I figured if this one is made for the 308, it should be good. I do wish it was a 1X instead of 1.5, but it seems that most scopes with 308 ballistic reticles start at 1.5 (ELCAN for example). I was happy with the robustness and clarity of the scope, but hated the tall target turrets that came with it. They looked funny, and were too tall for such a short scope, and posed a snagging potential. This is not a sniper gun, and realistically I'll sight it in at 100yrds and won't make adjustments in the field. I sent the scope back and had them install the hunter turrets, simple and non snagging. I'll need to put some miles on this scope to get a good review for it. I also have butler creek scope covers and a killflash on order from Midway for this)
    • Mount: Larue Tactical LT-104(super robust, but a little on the heavy side. But what can I say, it's a Larue, and I love the quick disconnect and return to zero capabilities of the mount. I would have never thought in my wildest dreams that I'd spend $200 on scope rings. My last scope I bought (also my first one), was a bushnell for my .22 ($30)and I believe the rings were $5-$10....crazy).
    • Magazine: PMAG 7.62 (It's a magpul and it's a PMAG. They're awesome. The only metal mag I have is a 5rd DPMS for hunting, everything else is PMAG. The same goes for my AR, and for my AK I run the Bulgarian Waffle mags)
    • Rail: Daniel Defense 7.62 12.0 (For light weight and robustness, you can't go wrong with Daniel defense. I think the SWS's are a little lighter/in, but they have removed a lot of material. I'll take a little more material for more strength. I think the only better rail out there is a Knights armament, but even that might be debatable)
    • Barrel: DPMS AP4 (reprofiled by ADCO for reduced weight) (When I saw how much material was on the barrel under the handguard, I thought re-profiling was a no-brainer. It ended up reducing the weight by 6-8oz, and for $60, that's some pretty expensive weight savings. If you had an 18-20" heavy barrel it would be a no-brainer)
    • Forward Grip: Magpul AFG (This grip is great if you like the way Magpul trains (they mention that themselves). I do, and I have the AFG on all of my rifles. It is definitely more ERGO than the grip itself)
    • Forward Sling Mount: Daniel Defense (I wanted a front sling connection for my MS2 sling, and Magpul hasn't come out with theirs yet. You can't go wrong with Daniel defense though. I like the large knob for removal by hand)
    • Flash Hider: DPMS Panther (soon to be Vortex) (besides going with a Can, you can't beat a vortex, which is what I'll be installing as soon as it arrives. I liked the idea of the PWS FSC30, acting like a flash hider and muzzle brake, and I did have it on my gun for a while. However, I didn't like the blast in my face, and the flash suppressor was marginal (at least I could see it in low light). I don't want a flash suppressor for night vision, I want it to eliminate displaying my location.)
    Future investments:

    • Ambi-safety select (anyone have any recommendations?)
    • Larue/Harris bipod
    • Heavy tungsten buffer
    • Trijicon aperture and post for BUIS's
    I have weights for almost everything if there's an interest
  6. jdub75

    jdub75 PNW Well-Known Member

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    Man thats a nice setup. So I've been wanting a 308ar, but am put off by the prices of the ones built up like I want (think POF, LWRC or LMT). Was this a cheaper way to go in the end?
    what kind of accuracy you getting?