WTS WA Lowpriceguns Pre-Black Friday Ammo Sale

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    Lowpriceguns Annual Pre-Black Friday Sale. Sale items are limited to stock in store only. All sale items listed are Cash/Debit only. Credit Cards add 3%. Sale runs from 11/5/15 to Saturday 11/14/15. First come first served.

    Phone: 425 614 4867
    Address: 13433 NE 20th ST STE I Bellevue WA 98005
    Hours: 11am to 6pm everyday but Sunday


    Federal,blazer brass,S&B 9mm 115gr brass 1000rds $229.00
    Magtech 40sw brass 180gr 1000rds $299.00
    S&B 45acp brass 230gr 1000rds $349.00
    PMC 223 55gr brass 1000rds $329.00
    Federal XM193 55gr 500rds $169.00
    CCI Standard Velocity 40gr 300rds holiday pack $29.99
    RBS New Brass 10mm 180gr 50rds @$24.99 or 1000rds@$399.00


    RBS brass 9mm 115gr 1000rds $209.00
    RBS brass 40SW 180gr 1000rds $279.00
    RBS brass 45acp 230gr 1000rds $299.00
    RBS brass 38spc 155gr 1000rds $289.00
    RBS brass 380acp 90gr 1000rds $259.00

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