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    Lowpriceguns AR / AK Sale now through this Saturday the 18th.

    Limited to stock on hand at Bellevue Store.

    First come / First served.

    Don't miss out!

    Prices have not been raised here YET!

    Buying now at sale prices is a smart investment.

    Phone: 425 614 4867
    Hours: 11am to 6pm Monday - Saturday

    AR 556/223 Rifles:

    Delton Sport Lite AR 556/223 $525
    Windham MPC AR 556/223 $819
    DPMS Oracle AR 556/223$579
    Palmetto State PA15 FDE $599
    Bushmaster QRC AR 556/223 with Reddot $649
    Colt Expanse AR 556/223 $699
    Tavor X95 Black 16" 556/223 $1699
    Colt LE6920 Black or FDE 556/223 for $1049
    Tavor OD Green 16" 556/223 $1649
    LWRC Bronze M6IC 556/223$1599
    Ruger AR556 /223 $649
    Troy CQB 14" Rail AR 556/223$799
    Sigarms 556 XI Swat 556/223 $1399
    Sigarms M400 Enhanced AR 556/223$1129
    S&W M&P Sport II AR 556/223 $649
    DPMS Tac II 18" Midlength Rail AR 556/223 $999
    Stag SA2 AR 556/223 $849
    Sigarms 516 .....

    Lowers: Anderson Manf 556/223 Stripped lowers $59

    AR Style 308 Rifles:

    Windham SRC 308 $1179
    Troy Alpha 308 14" Rail FlipUp $1299
    Anderson Manufacturing AM10 308 $1229
    Colt LE901 308 $1999

    AK47 7.62x39 Rifles:

    IO Inc AK47 IO Sporter $589
    Century Arms RH10 Magpul Folder AK47 $799
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    A sale email just went out today with 'Assault Weapon Sale' used as the headline. Four people replied with comments, so I can imagine many more felt something and said nothing.
    I wanted to apologize for using the terminology 'Assault Weapons', because it is an anti-gun term used to describe these firearms, and it was insensitive. If I had it to do over, I would have named the sale 'Personal Defense Rifles Sale', or 'AR / AK Sale'. I was thinking with all the news going on of naming the sale 'Assault Weapon Ban Possibility Sale', and that turned it into the shorter subject line of "Assault Weapon Sale', because shorter subject lines don't get filtered as much in email servers. The subject line used today was not a good choice. And after sending the email, I used the subject here too.
    I couldn't edit the subject line to change it.

    Jason - Owner Lowpriceguns
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  3. antisocialist541

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    Didn't offend whatsoever, use the terms you'd like brother! Our second amendment is under assault already. Let's not start giving up our first amendment as well. Don't lose any sleep over this one. So sick of the pc police.
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    First of all ... they are not fully automatic, hence they're not "assault rifles" ... Second, I use it for personal defense, therefore is a "personal defense rifle" that is NOT capable of "spewing" 60 rds in 3 seconds. And we don't go to assault anybody with them ... we enjoy shooting targets and we keep them for the same reason we keep a fire extinguisher in the house: you don't always expect a fire in your house ...

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