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    Lowpriceguns Sale List Friday 20th - Saturday 28th!

    First come / First Served!

    Open 11am to 6pm Monday - Saturday.

    Phone: 425 614 4867


    22LR Super Sale!!!

    22LR Remington Golden Bullet 525rds $34.99

    22LR Federal 500rds $34.99

    22LR Winchester white box 555rds $34.99

    22LR Remington Golden Bullet 1400rds $90.00

    380ACP Fiocchi 90gr 1000rds $279.00

    9mm Winchester white box 115gr 500rds $119.00

    9mm CCI Blazer Brass 115gr 1000rds $229.00

    40SW Winchester Brass FMJ 500rds $149.00

    PS With Hillary on the Ballot, I am predicting another run on guns shortly before election. I'm betting that AR's will sellout in a couple days, and prices will shoot up. Right now I have some cheaper ARs in stock. It is a good opportunity to buy now cheap, and resale before end of year to make some money. Once a panic starts, it's too late to buy at discounted prices. Eight years ago I sent an email predicting the same, before it happened, and it happened.

    Thanks for your Business!
    Jason - Owner Lowpriceguns
    Thank you for shopping with Lowpriceguns.com!

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    Phone 425 614867

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