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    Sale is now through the end of January.
    Limited to stock on hand at Bellevue Store.
    First come / First Served.
    Many guns listed near cost.
    Prices below apply to cash or debit only. 3% added for credit card.


    Hornady XTP+P 124GR 9mm 25RDS $14.99
    Hornady XTP 180GR 40SW 25RDS $14.99
    Hornady XTP 185GR 45ACP 25RDS $14.99
    Hornady XTP 125GR 357MAG 25RDS $14.99
    Independence 9mm 115GR HP 50RDS $24.99
    Federal JHP 45ACP 230GR Hi Shock 50RDS $34.99
    FN 5.7 SS195LF 27GR $249 500RDS
    Blazer Brass 115GR FMJ 9mm 1000RDS $249
    RBS Brass Reloads 115GR FMJ 9mm 1000RD $229
    RBS Brass Reloads 45ACP FMJ 1000RD $319
    RBS Brass Reloads 40SW FMJ 1000RDS $269
    Federal 223 55GR on Stripper Clips 900RDS $299
    Federal AE223JLC 500RDS 55GR $159
    Tula 7.62x39 FMJ Steel 1000RDS $269
    WPA 308Win FMJ Steel 145GR 500RD $249

    20% off Latest Brunton or Cobra Lithium Solar Battery Units.
    6000mah Micro Usb (spare battery to charge cell phone)

    Gunvault MultiVault Deluxe $119 (no tax on safes)

    13433 NE 20th ST STE I
    Bellevue, WA 98005

    Phone: 425 614 4867
    Hours: 11am to 6pm Monday - Saturday

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