What kind of person would do such a thing?

Probably your next door neighbor, you wouldn't have to go far to meet someone who would. Not that you could know by how they would present themselves, but how they are when nobody is watching, That is the essence of character.

I don't know how we can continue to allow ourselves to degrade morally as a nation and then afford ourselves the luxury of feigning shock at the types of new crimes that result from it, as if there is no connection between them.

Our lives have changed, I didn't carry 5 years ago, while I wasn't anti gun, I didn't see any reason why I would carry. Events in my life, and some circumstances that I cannot change, have awoken me to this reality, that my family and I, are not as safe as I once thought we were.
This might be offensive to some but my impression of a large portion of the hunting community is that they're a bunch of greedy, entitled, self centered dirt bags who will stab you in the back and rip you off the first chance they get.
I've known guys who preach their love for the outdoors and hunting and would turn in a poacher the first chance they got for the reward but are the first ones who would shoot a doe for "camp meat", steal a trail camera and trespass if they thought it'd increase their odds. I've seen guys toss beer cans out their window, go "muddin" on private land and haul *** like they're the only ones driving on the logging roads.
I've had encounters with guys who are ready and willing to throw punches because you're not from the area or you're hunting in "their spot". Walk around any sports mans shows and these guys are easy to spot.
Last year I pulled to the side of a road so that a guy could drive by. I waved just like I do when I pass just about every other guy out there. He just glared, hit the gas and spit gravel as he drove by. In no other activity or hobby I've participated in have I witnessed the same negative aspects and attitudes that I've encountered from people in the woods

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