LOTS of stuff!!! Make OFFERS!

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by M.Link, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. M.Link

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    I am cleaning out the storage unit and have a bunch of stuff to sell. Heres the list. NO SHIPPING. Prices are OBO, I work in Portland, so I can meet on my way home.

    - USMC IBLE MOLLE Backpack, Missing belt and top flap, MARPAT color. Its the real deal, used in Afganistan, made by Propper in the USA. - $50.00
    - Current issue U.S. Gas Mask, Case, extra tinted lenses, manual, MOP head cover, and a filter, paid 90.00 recently, HARD TO GET! - $70.00
    - "Newer" issue Isreali Gas Mask, Case and filter. $25.00
    - Canteen, Gas Mask compatable, clean. - $5.00 or free with either mask.
    - Don Hume JIT Slide holster, black, made for Large Glocks, Works great with others too, I carried my Beretta M9 in it today. - $20.00
    - Blade Tech Kydex Paddle holster, Larger Glocks. - $20.00
    - Bianchi Leather sholder holster, vertical, fits big guns, 1911, big revolvers... - $25.00
    - Galco Double mag pouch, .45 and 10mm double stack, black. - $20.00
    - Blackhawk MOLLE double mag pouch, fits many sizes, black. - $20.00
    - Motorola Walkie Talkies (nice, but cheap), black. - $10.00
    - CRKT STIFF KISS knife. - $15.00
    - CRKT M-16 (small), Tanto point, par. serr.. - $15.00
    - Gerber EZ-OUT JR., U.S. Made. - $15.00
    - Surefire light, kind of a mix up of parts, I wanted a light they didnt make, so I bought a couple and used what I wanted for my light. Its marked 6P DEFENDER, Has a Bezel from a Z2 and Tail Cap from a Z2, 120 LUMEN Lamp. Looks just like a 6P. - $50.00
    - Surefire Spares Carrier, no lanyard, very nice to have. - $10.00
    - Wood gun cabinet, holds 4 rifles, hand made by my Grandpa, glass/wood swinging door, fits a long Mosin. Blonde wood color, screen behind glass, felt to protect guns, really well made. - $40.00
    - Sentery Fire Safe, Small, key lock. - $25.00
    - AMMO: All Except 12GA - $40.00, w/12GA - $80.00
    *20 - 2.5" .410 Buck Shot, Federal Handgun - $10.00
    *20 +/- - 2.5" .410 Bird Shot, Winchester - $5.00
    *20 +/- - 3" .410 Bird Shot, Winchester - $7.00
    *7+ .380, American Eagle. - $2.00, or free with anything else if you have one.
    *13 - .243, CoreLocks - $8.00
    *1000 +/- .22LR, Winchester. - $25.00
    ..10 Boxes (5rds ea.) - 12GA. 00 Buck Shot, Mil-Spec, Winchester, Green Hulls. - $5.00ea box, $45.00 all.

    About $495.00 Total aking price, will sell it all to one person for $350.00 OBO.
  2. nilknarf

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    I'll take the Surefire light- PM sent!

  3. Cougfan2

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    I'll take the 12 ga 00 buck. PM me so we can arrange to meet.
  4. M.Link

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    Looks like the Surefire, 12ga, 22LR, Walkie Talkies and both CRKTs are gone, SPF.
  5. wichaka

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    Was this the same CRKT M16 you posted in your other ad? The one that you were going to post a pic?
  6. M.Link

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    No it was another one, I don't have a way to post pics. The Surefire is 100% gone.
  7. wichaka

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    You still have the other CRKT M16?
  8. M.Link

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    Its gone but I shoukd be getting more if you are interested.

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