Lots of gear, molle, drop leg, holsters....etc

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    Have some gear I am no longer using, would like to sell or trade to get some funds for some guns....
    2 body armor vests. 1 is black, the other is OD green. both have no plates. They can hold plates front, back & sides. 10x13. Both are very adjustable in the waist & shoulders, very high quality vests. molle webbing everywhere & velcro for a name tag. drag handle. each vest holds 8 mags for AR on shingles. built inside the vest itself. TRADE Only for Now! want a handgun

    2 US load bearing vests in multi camo desert. both in great condition. do not hold armor. molle webbing everywhere. 40 for both

    Large US digital camo rucksack, just the ruck, no frame, shoulder straps, waist belt....this thing is huge, holds a lot of room! 40 for the ruck

    Next is a nice setup for a pistol & rifle. OD green adjustable belt with 2 OD greem magazine pouches for a pistol, that the flaps adjust. XD plastic holster SZ 27 RH it says on it...Blackhawk drop leg that holds 2 pistol mag pouches & 2 AR/AK mags, ive stuffed 3 mags for an Ak in it before.....50 for the setup

    Us backpack.....5 bucks

    Galco holster for fullsize glock, someone poked 2 holes in it, when they swapped the paddle to the left side....adjustable cant, retention strap....model FED224 10 bucks

    Looking for all sorts of firearms to trade. shotguns, 22's, handguns, bolt action mosins....etc, have had this stuff for years, looking to free up some space in the closet....send offers in PM with info & pics
    Gresham area 181 st dollar tree only.

    Prices are Firm

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