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Lots of factory ammo: 204, 223, 243, 270, 6.5x55, 7RM, 308, 300WM

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by equivet, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. equivet

    equivet Carlton, OR Active Member

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    Started reloading and have too much factory ammo taking up space, some is good for sighting in, hunting, matches. Tried to put low prices on everything to move it, but will take offers especially to move all of one caliber. Only trades would be for 22LR or powder (RL22 or H1000)

    FTF in Portland/Willamete Valley area

    204 Ruger:
    Federal Premium 39gr Sierra Blitzking 31 rounds: $15

    223 Remington: SPF
    Federal Premium Gold Medal Match 69gr Sierra Match King 80 rounds: $40
    Hornady Superformance 53gr VMax 30 rounds: $15

    243 Win: SPF
    Hornady Custom 100gr BTSP 30 rounds: $15
    HSM 95gr Berger 15 rounds $10
    Remington 90gr Swift scirocco 12 rounds: $15
    Federal Premium 95gr Nosler BT 16 rounds: $15

    6.5x55 Swedish:
    Nosler Custom 140gr Accubond 46 rounds: $30
    Hornady Custom 140gr Interlock 19 rounds: $10
    Federal Premium 123gr SMK 6 rounds: free with purchase of any other 6.5x55
    HSM 130gr Berger VLD 15 rounds: $10

    270 Win:
    Remington 130gr Scirocco 10 rounds: $15

    7mm Rem Mag: SPF
    Black Hills 162gr AMax 10 rounds: $10
    Remington 150gr Scirocco 15 rounds: $15

    308 Win: SPF
    Hornady Match: 168gr Amax 40 rounds: $35
    Hornady TAP 110gr TAP FPD 20 rounds $10

    300 Win Mag: SPF
    Nosler Custom 180gr Accubond 12 rounds: $15
    Remington 180gr Scirocco free with purchase of the other 27 rounds in this caliber
    Hornady Superformance 180gr SST 15 rounds: $15
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2014
  2. Panther

    Panther Keizer Active Member

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    Thanks for the smokin deal E
  3. equivet

    equivet Carlton, OR Active Member

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    All sold, thanks.
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