Lots of brass, 9mm, 380, 40S&W, and some bullets for flavor *12/17 update*

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Hey there, up for sale is some brass, looking for either cash or some parts or goods:
(all brass were checked for cracks or unfixable squishedness)

1000 Remington R-P headstamp. Sorted, some deprimed, mostly unpolished, but in good shape, appear to be once-fired.
750 Misc. headstamps. Mostly WCC, Speer, some others, raw range pickups. Appear to be once-fired.

68 380 Auto, Misc headstamps, good shape, once-fired.

35 40 S&W, Misc headstamps, good shape, once-fired.

oh, also got some random bullets i don't need:
33 .32 Auto, Winchester, 71gr FMJFN
24 .32 S&W Short, Remington, 89gr Lead
40 7.62x39: (These are Reloadable brass!)
=20 PMC 123gr FMJ
=20 Fiocchi 122gr FMJ
SOLD for all 40.
20 7.62x39: (Steel Case)
=20 Wolf 123gr HP

Will take trades of:
7.62x54R ammo, brass (berdan brass too) or etc.

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