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    I am very new to guns. I'd never touched one up until two years ago. I finally decided it was time for me to grow up, took a trip to visit my cousin in Texas and learned just a bit. He had several handguns for me to try, from a .22 to a .50.
    I eventually found a gun that was comfortable for me to hold, and bought it last Christmas. It took another trip back to Texas last year before I was able to fire it. I want to learn to handle my guns safely, so at this point I will only shoot with someone that is experienced and willing to help me learn. Unfortunately, the only one I know at this point is in Texas! :p I read the thread about scary things happening at ranges due to inexperience, negligence, whatever; I don't want to be THAT person.
    Since becoming a gun owner, I've become a very strong 2nd Amendment supporter. I hope to learn a lot on this forum.

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