Looking to get into reloading in the near future

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Ironbar, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Ironbar

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    I've been looking at reloading presses all over the place, yet I seem to keep coming back to the Dillon 650XL as the press to best meet my needs. I'm not interested in a single stage press right now as I would mainly be loading pistol and 7.62 x 39, and I want to be able to crank them out at a good clip.

    Any other suggestions for presses to look at and your experiences with them? Much obliged! :thumbup:
  2. speedtriple

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    I am among the many that suggest people start out with a single stage press to learn each step. But I respect your desire to not buy a single stage press if you think you won't use it. Maybe you can team up with a friend that has been reloading for a while and use their equipment to make a few hundred rounds and at least get that baseline knowledge.

    I have never used the Dillon, but it looks great and I hear good things. I have both the Hornady single stage and progressive presses. I use both often, and they each have their place on the bench.

    As for 7.62 x 39... Check you component prices against what you can buy factory ammo for.
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  3. GuyBMeredith

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    The Hornady LNL is a 650 equivalent and you might check out the RCBS. They are all popular, they all borrow from each other on many features and are all very good. You will have to decide which features are meaningful to your style of getting the job done.

    I went with the Hornady LNL as my first press as it has ease of caliber conversion and seemed to have less mechanical links than the Dillon. I went from totally ignorant newb to having loaded over 20,000 rounds without a hitch.

    Well, almost without a hitch--progressives move quickly and a powder cop or the RCBS powder check die can save your toast if you failed to pay attention or in case of mechanical problems at the powder drop. I have had two or three instances where I paused to check this or that and didn't pay enough attention to starting back up, ending up with a double load. The RCBS locks the system up to prevent a double load or squib load from getting through.
  4. evltwn

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    You may be able to buy 7.62 x 39 for what it would cost to reload. Depending on the rifle you are shooting, an improvement in accuracy might not be achieved. I reload 6 calibers in my 550, and two rifle calibers on my single stage. Dillons are great, but knowledge of the process, best realized through the use of a single stage, is even more beneficial. Just my two cents.
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    I have a dillon 650 and it is a very good press. If you have never reloaded find someone who does and is will to show you how. As stated by evltwn, you would be better off learning on a single stage first. As far as reloading for 7.62x39, I was looking at it myself but found I could buy it cheaper. Which everyway you choose take your time and enjoy.
  6. FarmerTed1971

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    Considered a 550b?
  7. Key-Hay

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    +1 on the 550. I do a lot of cowboy action loads. With the 550 I can inspect as I go along cause some of my brass has seen better days.

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