Looking to get into recurve bows

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    Hi all,

    My firearms collection is nearing terminal mass and I'm looking for a new challenge. I had a fiberglass recurve bow when I was a kid and I enjoyed shooting(?) it, as I recall I was fairly good. Now that I'm an adult with a nicely mowed field in which to play I'm thinking I might like one again.

    So, where do I got to start? What do I get? Brands, models, etc? What kind of range can I get? I can pretty easily get up to a 75 yard clear shot here at home, is that too far for a recurve? I'm not looking to hunt, I'm just looking to have some fun in the backyard without disturbing the neighbors. Any thoughts?
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    Find your local bow shop and stop by and chat with the them. I just picked up a Bear Grizzly 50 lbs made in 1953 at a garage sale for $5.00. Really cheap price. Usually they go for around $75-150. A couple of years back I picked up a 40# long bow for $5 also. I set up a range in my back yard at 15 yards for these two bows and my Hoyt Ultra Tec. You can shoot a recurve a long ways, just start out short and work you way out. Watch craigslist and the local hoc shops. Have fun and good shooting!

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