Looking for various goods including but not limited to firearms.

Discussion in 'Parts & Accessories Wanted' started by JWest, Feb 10, 2011.

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    Some folks invest in stocks and bonds and precious metals as for my self I prefer more tangible goods, I have $500 cash in hand and live in Ocean Shores Wa. and am not looking to travel much past Aberdeen (Deliveries preferred)
    Here is a list of the goods I am looking for.
    XD variants
    Modern wheel guns
    Rem 870's
    Winchester 1300 Defenders
    5.56 Ammo, new and reloaded
    9mm Ammo
    AK variants
    Springfield 1911 variants
    New Berkey water filters
    Fresh cased MRE's and Mountain house #10's
    Body armor
    Garmin rino GPS
    Night Vision
    Pmags 5.56
    Beta Mags 5.56
    Current issue packs
    Solar panels
    kac panels long and short any color
    XTM panels any color

    Let me know what you can put together...

    Thanks Jay
  2. liltanker32


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    i have to of the larger sized camel packs, they are a full size back pack made by camelpak. one is acu and one is desert camo. wanting to clean out some old gear. let me know if your interested.
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