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Just like the title says looking for opinions on Aero Precision Uppers and lowers. Specificaly the COP Monolithic Upper. I am interested in this getting this one but not alot of information on this manufacturer.
AP uppers/lowers are Forged using 7075 T6 aluminum.
The mil-spec A3 flat top uppers are made with M4 feed ramp cuts and hard anodized.

AP makes all the Spikes uppers and lowers.
They are selling uppers for $59 and lowers for $74. There is a comparison on and AP is rated top of the line stuff.
lowers are pretty decent IMO. I have had a couple. They built up just fine, take mags just fine and the finish is gtg. Overall I am pleased with them. Plus they can be had for a bargain compared to other companies. Yeah, they aren't as nice as some to some people (I don't see how, but to each their own), but they are still pretty decent imo. I prefer mega uppers and lowers, but thats just me. Mega has always done me right, and I kind of like the finish they put on their lowers a bit better from a purely aesthetic standpoint.
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