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Discussion in 'NFA Weapon Discussion' started by GeorgeMasonFan, Jan 31, 2015.

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    First thanks to those who manage this forum. I apologize in advance for the length of this, and I also realize that folks here may not be lawyers and while some or all of what I am asking may be legal advice per se I am just looking for guidance on where to turn.

    So before I started looking into this a couple months ago I really didn't like lawyers. After researching this a bit I reached out to one law group that supposedly specializes in this. The response I get was basically buy one of their packages and I get a consultation. Frustrated I reach out to another one up in Washington looking to get some questions answered and this one doesn't even bother to respond. The frustrating part is I'd most likely be happy to purchase the services I just want someone to answer some questions so I know which direction I should go.

    So with that I turn to folks here in hopes I can get a bit of guidance so I can move forward on this.

    First off I live in Southern Oregon. My questions that I'd like some advice on:
    • I am hoping to structure a trust so that it includes all my firearms not just enable me to purchase NFA items although I do hope to add NFA items to my collection. Is this achievable?
    • I have children under 18, do I add them in some way to the trust so that they can shoot NFA items in my collection or do they merely need to be with me when shooting them?
    • Next, my brother lives in California. Can he be part of the trust, legally purchase NFA or other firearms that are legal in Oregon through the trust so long as we store the items with one of the trust members in Oregon?
    • I read somewhere that it's a good idea to get a tax id number for the trust and it sounds like a good idea for separate banking and such. Does anyone know why or why not this would be a good idea?
    • Lastly does anyone have a positive experience with a lawyer in Oregon that is well versed in firearm law?

    Thanks for any input and assistance.
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    Private message sent.
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    I don't see why you couldn't put all your firearms in the trust, but I also don't see a need to do this. Your will can take care of the disposition of your estate after your passing.

    In my opinion, I wouldn't put them in the trust. They don't need to be in the trust because you'll always be with them when they are shooting the NFA items.
    I think that is how it would work.
    That all sounds like a totally unnecessary thing to do. Some people say to set up a separate checking account for the trust. That is just not needed.

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