Looking for more Experienced Shooting Partner at Tri-County Gun club

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by 4Freedom, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Hi, I am rather new to the world of shooting. I have been to the range a few times with people, but because of my busy schedule and the far distance of my shooting range, I have not had much time to go. I have had few people help me here and there trying to give me basic advice on shooting. However, most people I have met so far generally don't have time or desire to help a newer person with shooting. I know there are Good Samaritans out there, so I am just checking to see if anybody here who is member of Tri-County Gun Club would be able to help and go shooting with an inexperienced shooter like myself.

    I know I can try to meet people at club, watch a youtube video, etc, so you don't have reply to this thread telling me. I am just posting this thread to see if there are any people out there who are interested to go shooting with a newer shooter and would be willing to instruct and give advice. I will try to make more time to mingle at the club, but there is not usually many people there when I go and its far for me to travel frequently. Also, I find having people show me is 100 times better than videos. Most youtube videos are not made well and its hard to see whats going on.

    This may sound funny, but I have been struggling with proper cleaning and lubing of my various firearms. Many people have instructed me how to do it, but I keep forgetting and each person I talk to has a different method of cleaning/lubing and I never seem to be able to learn any one method without forgetting the other. If anyone is available who can do a long thorough cleaning/lubing with me, that also would be very helpful. I have most of the cleaning/lubing accessories, so no need to provide anything.

    Thanks for whoever is willing to help.

    P.S> I had couple members at NWFA/TCGC contact me while ago, I tried contacting couple but they never responded back.. Perhaps there are a couple I did not respond back to and lost touch with. If so, I'd be happy to touch basis with you again if you're reading this.
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    Pm sent
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    4Freedom, since you live in Vancouver, are you aware of the English Pit? http://www.englishpit.com/

    Not as fancy as Tri-County Gun Club but probably at lot closer to you.
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    It sounds as if you are serious about wanting to learn proper shooting, and I applaud you for that. I'm also surprised you can't find someone to help at Tri-County. I'm not a member there, (too far away) but go there to qualify annually for my HR218 certification.

    May I offer a suggestion? See if you can find a qualified instructor and offer to pay for a couple hours of instruction, or a basic firearms class (not a concealed weapon class, that comes later :) ). That can get you started on the right foot, and from then on, it is practice, practice, practice. The sooner the better, before you pick up bad habits that have to be un-learned.

    I happen to know a qualified instructor in LaCenter. They are top notch, but a bit expensive. If you find them too pricy, they may be able to refer you to others in your area to help. They are Marksmanship Consultants, http://www.marksmanshipconsultants.com/home.html

    One thing about these gun forums, you may want to be careful about advice given on these. You will find that everyone has an opinion, but not all of it is correct or accurate. I currently subscribe to ten gun forums. There is an abundance of old wife's tales and myths, so when taking advice on these remember; you get what you pay for.

    Good luck and welcome aboard.
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    i'm not a member there or i would

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