Looking for info about a Savage Model 330 -12G shotgun

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    Hi, Everyone im looking for any and all infomation about a shotgun i bought today, would like to hear opinions from people who own or have owned one of these guns, I picked this shotgun up as an impulse buy at a local gunstore today its a Stevens Model 330 12 gauge with 27'' barrels, it has fixed chokes MOD/IC and its made by Valmet in Finland for Stevens.

    I actually had the intention of buying a Mossberg silver reserve but i like the way this Model 330 felt more so i went with it even though i knew nothing about it, Im thinking that i maybe should of gone with the Mossberg, I searched this forum and some other sites and i can find almost no infomation about this 330.

    So im basically asking if anybody is familiar with these model 330's? I checked the savage website and cannot find a manual for this model, If anybody has a manual for it i would like to buy a copy of it, Also how do you remove the barrels from these guns? I have a few double barrels before but this one is certainly alot different when it comes to removeing the barrels.

    Again any info is more than welcome, this model 330 is in good/condition its certainly seen a few field trips but overall its not to bad although there is a spot of rust on the top barrel thats been removed and needs a spot of blueing

    Heres some pics -



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